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Monday, September 29, 2014


the movie that everyone could be talking about right now..

Let me tell you I read the book and saw the movie and they are pretty different, not like the general idea, that certainly is the same. But in the scenes Id imagined while reading the book, are different.. 

Which one did I like better? The movie.... Im not like those people that always say that books are always better than movies... Actually I always like the movies better. 
Let me give you an example... NEW MOON. OMG what a boring book, Bella kept talking and talking about how much she missed Edward, usually in the movies they tend to skip long periods of time when the partner is left alone. Like in this movie, Mia is always busy while Adam is on a tour or away signing some contracts. That is definitely a possitive characteristic of If I stay. 
see, she was busy most of the time. 

No adam and she's still happy.

Next, is death involved? Of course, like in every other contemporary movie... But not Cancer This time... Its actually really depressing and leaves you thinking that that girl is SO brave... If you want to know why Im saying this, watch the movie...

And you know what? Adam and Mia's Love is something more realistic, there's this scene where he treats her really awful, and it is realistic because there is NO person in this world who is an angel. We all have those days were you are really hurt for something and you say things you mean but in a bad mood that makes everything worse. 

characters flipped

What I envied from this movie? The coexistency of their family. She had this parents that were so like her and so thoughtful, they supported her so much. Im not trying to say that I dont have that, but its not as perfect as it was in the movie. The thing is that Mia was a really nice girl.. 

Another positive thing is the soundtrack. Youll never imagine what kind of opposite genres are involved. But both are sweet - meaning cool. haha. 

A scene I LOVED was the intimate scene from Adam and Mia.. Key Word: FORTE - for when you see it.. 

There was also a quote I liked that according to my cousin was said by Whiz Kalifa or Kid Kudi hahaha, I tried to research it for you guys but I couldnt find it. It is told in the New Year's scene. 

In general this movie enters the MUST SEE category. Please watch it, you wont regret it.. 
I leave you the trailer and then a LOT of pictures so you can enjoy and save them haha! 

sorry this is not from the movie... but it is so cute

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